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Kay … where do I start! 4 weeks ago today you gained your angel wings! not a day goes by I wonder why? You left far too early! We still had to soo much to talk about and celebrate! I miss you soo much my heart breaks! I’m greatful to have met you 6 and a half years ago! You joined my team and the rest is history! I will cherish the memories we made especially on the hen weekend! But also the memories in between! I just wish we could have one more drink, one more gossip etc.Christmas half days won’t be the same when playing the alphabet game. I know your at peace and I’m sure you will be telling your mum everything that’s been happening! Keep smiling and singing gorgeous girl! Until We meet again you will always hold a special place in my heart ❤️😘 xxxx
May 29th, 2022
Kay, I want to start off by saying it was an absolute privilege to know you. We’d had the odd chat here and there at work over the years, but the last few months in the run up to the hen do, we really got chatting and always went off on a tangent! The time we spent in Liverpool will stay with me forever and I will cherish those wonderful moments we all experienced - the dancing, the singing, decorating the apartment, the laughs, the talks and everything in-between. It felt like we’d been friends for years. We just clicked and I knew I’d made a friend for life. I’d give anything for another one of your sofa snuggles. Your personality shone brightly and now you’re shining down on all of us. Keep dancing up there, until we meet again. Lots of love xxxxxx
May 28th, 2022
Kay, you had the ability to instantly put people at ease. From the moment we met, your positive bubbly personality just radiated and it was an absolute pleasure being around you. I cannot believe how our weekend with so many amazing memories ended the way it did and I’m just so sorry. I am struggling to process what happened and life just seems so unfair but I know you will be reunited with your family in heaven. “It is what it is” will forever remind me of you! It was clear from your funeral just how loved you are and how missed you are going to be. I really hope you are at peace now Kay. Sleep tight gorgeous lady. Please know your loving hens will support James in anyway we can. ❤️
May 28th, 2022
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